Thursday, May 15, 2008

Going Away Thursday

Another day of getting rid of weeds and chainsawing ironwoods followed by a jump off the cargo pier. We are having a going away party for a few people tonight. Kristin is done volunteering here. Alex the firefighter is out of here tomorrow. And Ben, the airport manager is leaving to learn to fly. The airport manager that Ben replaced, Dave, is coming back out here, and Dave O. the firefighter, is also coming back, for those of you who know them.

This white tern found a decent spot to lay an egg on Eastern Island.


Shammickite said...

WOW, love all your wildlife pics.

Nellie Northern said...

Who will take over your "Midway Blog" when you leave?
You've done a fantastic job with both the photos and narative of your Midway experience. Thanks for sharing. (Will work for food)
Nelson & Mona Klavitter

Nellie Northern said...

Can you go into some of the buildings and show what has been left behind,..both from the Navy days....and from when the Contract People were there in 2000.
The buildings by the pier with the dive equipment,laundry building and by the ramp.
What's the status of the old "mess hall", and theater?
Also share the "bunch grass" process...from collecting, cloning, planting.

Pete Leary said...

Thank you for the praise. It's a lot of work to blog with new photos every day so it's nice to hear that there are some people who are enjoying it.
That's a good suggestion, to go into some of the buildings. I really don't have pictures of much of that yet, so I'll try. I'll also try to do the bunchgrass one too.