Monday, May 19, 2008

More Building Pics

Today was a usual Monday. We started out with our Mon. morning meeting, followed by some chainsaw maintenance and office work. This afternoon, Greg and I did some spraying and more GPS work on invasive species.
One of our visitors was in the Marines and was stationed here in 1958 so it's been very interesting to talk to him. He can't believe how many weeds have grown here, since back then they either kept up the grounds or had buildings and cement everywhere. He also said his favorite snorkel spot was off of the south beach, which is closed for the seals now.

Here are pictures of the harbor buildings near the finger piers. This is the old harbor office.

This is a view of some of the junk that's left in this building. Most of the buildings have at least some junk, and some have a lot. Some of it is useful, but most isn't.

This building was where the old contractor had their scuba office. We just use it to store life jackets for the boats.

There still is a hyberbaric chamber in the back of that building. It needs some work but is probably fixable.

While I was taking the building pictures, I saw this frigate bird sunning itself on a branch.


Shammickite said...

Maybe you can make use of the "junk" by using it to create sculptures.

RunnerBecky said...

The frigate bird looks like it is waiting for you to come and give him a big hug! Great pictures as usual!!