Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More Weed Pulling

Today we got some help pulling verbesina from the field where the Pan Am Hotel was. All of the visitors came out to help, which was great considering they paid to come out here on vacation. I also had time to go mark some mowing hazards on the GPS at Bulky Dump. The verbesina is getting tall enough that it took Greg and I about 2o minutes to find one old well.
We are expecting a ship on Friday. The NOAA ship "Oscar Elton Sette" is stopping by to pick up John and Tammy, who have been helping us out and are now going to Laysan and Tern Islands, and will also drop off some supplies.

Here are the visitors and volunteers pulling the verbesina.

Here's a red-tailed tropic bird chick that was under one of the trees. It looks like it hatched yesterday or the day before.


Peggy said...

I was so pleased to see so many people pulling weeds. It seems like such a "painting the Golden Gate Bridge" sort of job when there is just two of you.

Shammickite said...

Couldn't you resurrect that pool table in the previous post, and have a few games of pool?
If I was on holiday on Midway, I'd be out there pulling weeds all day! That's when I wasn't snorkeling, photographing cute baby chicks and just soaking up the sun, that it...