Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Plane Night

So finally the plane came in. I guess they got the GPS fixed alright. So it was also mail night and thank you very much Delilah for the underwater camera and thanks very much mom and dad for the package of books and goodies. Today we sprayed a lot more verbesina and then went and took an inventory of stuff that was salvagable from the airplane hangar. When the old company that used to run support here left, they left everything a huge mess. Since we don't want to waste federal money cleaning a place that will eventually fall apart, we just try to save the good stuff that's there. It's actually pretty cool going through all that old junk even though almost every piece of metal is rusted and every piece of wood or paper is termite damaged.

The volunteers that were here finally left (I hope they don't get in trouble for staying an extra week). It's funny how the whole island dynamics change every time a different group is here. The coast guard ship is still here but they work so hard on the buoys that we never see them. That's it for now and here's a couple pictures.

This is our little reception area under the hangar for when the people arrive by plane.

This is what it looks like when people are looking for mail from the plane.

This is a random picture of a little puffer fish that was found on the road. The white terns catch little fish to feed to their chicks. This one apparently puffed up and was too big to feed to the chick, so it just dropped it. The baby puffer still died but it didn't get eaten. I don't know if that's good or bad???


Peggy said...

Poor baby puffer! I suppose if we evil humans killed the fish with our plastic bits or pollution then it's bad and if something else like a bird or bad weather killed the fish then it's just a part of nature. I love how puffer fish swim. They look like clockwork or wind up fish when swimming, especially this time of year when they school together for mating.

Anonymous said...

Cool pictures Pete. Feel bad for the baby puffer, but I'm sure you see the big picture of life every day. :)