Monday, October 22, 2007

Albatross are Back

This morning, I counted 6 black-footed albatross on the way out to mow. By quitting time there were 16 of them. There will soon be too many to count. We're going to try to get as much mowed as possible. At least there are fewer blackfoots than Laysan albatrosses, so we still could be able to mow the spots that the Laysan's like.
Tonight I played some basketball. It was a good time. I would've played takraw (the volleyball-like game where you can't use your hands) but there were too many guys playing and I didn't feel like waiting.

Here's 3 albatross enjoying the place we just mowed next to the runway. 2 of them were banded previously, which means they nested in one of our plots before.

This is one of them up close in the verbesina stems.

Greg is mowing by south beach.

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