Monday, October 8, 2007

Spring Cleaning

Today my project was to clean out some of the old termite infested furniture from our storage building. About half of our excess dressers, tables, and chairs are garbage because of termites or mildew. It' s interesting going through 30 years of stuff.

I don't know if you read John's comments about the seawall from 2 days ago or not, but I said the seawall was to prevent erosion. I was oversimplifying things a little. Basically, they put a seawall around the entire eastern part of the island and filled it in with coral and anything else that they could. Our whole harbor and boat pier area are just added land. The island was doubled in size. They dredged out the atoll and also brought in a lot of topsoil and fill from all over the pacific to make Sand Island larger. That's why we have fire ants and centipedes and most of our other invasive bugs here. Thanks John for your comments and anyone else who's been here should feel free to make comments about the history here, or anything else that you want.

These pictures are of our old furniture storage area. This building used to be the commissary, now it's just a place to store old non-functional appliances and non-useful furniture. It will probably take a few weeks of extra time to sort out the worthless stuff. I don't know what we'll do with it, but at least we'll organize a little.

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