Thursday, October 25, 2007

No Chainsaw Thursday

This morning the construction crew had to cut down a bunch of ironwoods near the new satellite dish base. I had to go and make sure the tropic bird chicks and white terns didn't get squashed. That meant we didn't do chainsaw Thursday today. We loaned out the chainsaws so those trees could get cleaned up, but I'm sure we'll get back to it next week. We got a lot of mowing done instead.
I went to take pictures of Jimmy and Michelle banding ducks after work. Now they at least have pictures.
This is a little salt water pond over on Spit Island. It used to be open to the ocean and a big storm closed it off, so there are still small saltwater fish that have been living in there for generations.
I took this picture from the same spot on Spit looking toward the old water barge. You can see that all of our beaches aren't nice white sand.
He's Michelle, Jimmy, and our new deputy manager, Matt getting ready to release the newly banded duck.

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Peggy said...

Good luck while the computer is down.

I sort of feel a panic for you about getting things mowed before the rest of the albatross show up.

You said in a comment that you're leaving on Dec 7th. You leaving Midway for good or just going on a little holiday?