Wednesday, October 24, 2007

No Ducks

Tonight I was going to go out and try to catch ducks to band with Jimmy and Michelle. They wanted some pictures of what they do, and since they are always busy, they can't really take pictures of themselves. Which is why you rarely see me in any pictures. The ducks are usually easier to catch at night, but lately it's been clear and the moon is nearly full, so the ducks can see you coming easier and get away. So we'll see if it's cloudier tomorrow when it may not be so bright.

The mowing is getting difficult because we are finding lots of cement foundations, metal chunks, and ironwood piles hidden in the verbesina. Last year the tractor transmission got cracked because of a big ironwood branch that was partially buried. We're getting the areas that are relatively clear now just so we can move quicker. It's kind of funny to watch the albatross move into the areas we mow as soon as we're done. They usually know exactly where they want to go. They haven't been coming in en masse yet. They get here and look around for a while then take off. Pretty soon they'll stay for good or at least until the eggs are laid.

A couple of my old Midway pals who were here earlier this summer and have left finally found my blog. So like I said before, fell free to forward this to anyone who might be interested.

Here's some more of the daily Midway life, or at least the Mon, Wed, & Sat life for 1 hour. This is our store which has about as much stuff as a little gas station. You can see the soda section is about as big as the rest of the store.

Here's most of the rest of the store, and Scott (who operates the weather station) is waiting in line. As you can see, there's not a huge selection.

I'll give you one wildlife picture. Here's the monk seal that was in the Spit Island picture a few days ago. I told you they like to sleep next to things.


Becky said...

That seal is too cute! See if you can get a picture of the Albatross doing their "dance". We didn't get to see the ritual during our visit...well, except for Jamie's rendition.
Oh, I was watching SurvivorMan on the Discovery Channel the other day and he was on some island that was inhabited with boobies. One had fallen out of a tree and died, so he cooked it up and ate it. Just didn't seem right, but if you're hungry??

Hope you had a great day!

Pete Leary said...

I hope we don't get that hungry out here. I'll get some dance pictures too. Maybe I'll borrow someone's video camera and post a little video.
Hey, nice picture. That looks familiar.