Friday, October 12, 2007

More Mowing

We mowed most of the day today again. Greg and I took turns checking in front of the mower for birds, pipes, rocks, cement, etc. We could mow at least 5 times more area if we didn't have to look for things. Right now we are concentrating on areas that black-footed albatross like to nest since they are a threatened species. The Laysan albatross' will also nest there but they have more space options than the black-foots. I also checked the red-tailed tropic birds today. 6 of them have fledged since last time I checked, now there are only 4 left to check and only 1 hasn't been banded yet.
This is one of the tropic bird plots. They like to nest at the base of the ironwood trees. This area used to be the submarine base. You can see the harbor water through the trees on the right. The birds also like to nest next to a long cement wall that used to be part of a building. I'm sure you guys reading this that were here back in the 50's wouldn't recognize the place.

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