Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Rainy Wednesday

I didn't do any spraying today since it was windy and rainy today, but I did do some mowing on the south side of the runway. That's where most of the black-footed albatross nest. Greg and I were just looking for mowing hazards today and clearing around them so next time it will be easier.
That's about all that went on today. I don't know if there'll be volleyball tonight or not due to the rain so I might just have to take it easy tonight.
This is a Battle of Midway memorial listing the U.S. commanders and ships. It also has a map of the battle on there. It's also the area we've been mowing and spraying lately, that's why you can't see any verbesina.
This is where we've been doing our chainsawing. You might think it looks nicer with the trees there, but it's better to have it surrounded by natural vegetation. If these trees were much bigger it would be too large of a project.

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Peggy said...

I should send you my friend Mike. He brings down trees and cuts them up for firewood as a living. There are also men in the area who harvest pine trees for the lumber industry. You should see the equipment! They can cut down, de-branch and stack up a stand of trees in minutes!