Friday, October 26, 2007

Plane Day

Today we had a lot of people coming and going on the plane. The crew coming to move our comm satellite dish is here now. We got a fill in refuge manager while Barry and Matt are off the island, and our FWS computer tech person came to set up a server and do some of our computer maintenance. It looks like tomorrow will be the last day of my blog until the dish is reinstalled. They'll shut off service on Sunday, so check back in tomorrow but then it will be about 6 or so days until I can get internet or phone service. We will have an emergency satellite phone on the island so we won't be completely out of touch, and we'll still have TV. So it's better than when I was on a submarine underwater for a couple months at a time.
We banded the last red-tailed tropic bird chick in our plots today. It'll probably be ready to leave in about 2 weeks. Then the plots won't have to be monitored until about Feb.
Here's one of the black-footed albatrosses sitting around.

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