Friday, October 19, 2007

Power Lines

Today was more of the same, spraying and mowing. It was a beautiful day though so it wasn't too bad.
We had a plane today too. A few guys went out on vacation, including one guy who's worked here for 26 years. Of course he's had vacations, but he still likes it here after all that time. He was here when there were thousands of people on the island. We also had a few people come in who'll be evaluating some of the buildings to see if they are worth saving or not.

Here are two of the last power line poles on the island. A while back the new lines were put underground. A lot of albatross died on the lines over the years. This is over at Radar Hill. I took this picture right after breakfast and I went back at lunch and they were gone.  There is only one short power line left near the old fuel farm.


Peggy said...

Did the albatross run into the lines when landing?

Pete Leary said...

Usually I guess it was while landing, but sometimes they just fly around and run into them.