Thursday, October 11, 2007

Usual Thursday

This morning I sprayed the verbesina that's coming back up in the field where the Canon School used to be. It was the school for the kids of the families stationed here and named after George Canon, whose memorial I showed you not too long ago. We have to spray there about every 2 weeks to keep up.
This afternoon was another chainsaw day. It's getting done slowly. One of these days I'll take a picture so you can see the progress. The Laysan ducks were there again watching the action, so I'll give you a picture of a couple of them.


Anonymous said...


Will it ever be possible to completely rid the island of verbesina? Is that the goal?


the trivia champ of N Utah/S Idaho


Peggy said...

The Laysan Ducks seem quite tame, which can be annoying when they don't move so you can get stuff done.

As your pal Napoleon has pointed out, it does seem like you're determined to spray the entire island with glyphosate.

Pete Leary said...

Yep, the goal is to get rid of all of it. If even one plant stays, it will take over again sooner or later. They have a 20 year plan to get rid of it, which is pretty ambitious with only 2 people doing it.
The ducks are a little too tame. They should be more scared of equipment. We have to be very careful when we mow since they are endangered.
We spray alot, but since we are doing it by hand, we can at least be a little more careful than tractor spraying. Plus that herbicide gets inactivated quickly in the soil.