Thursday, October 18, 2007

Another Chainsaw Thursday

Ok, next week I'll bring my camera to show you how much we've cleared on Radar Hill. It seems like we're cutting down a lot every week, but there's still too many out there. It's like trying to mow a football field with fingernail clippers. I figure at the rate we're going, it would take about 300 years to clear the ironwoods from the island, not counting any new growth. We're not trying to get rid of all of them, thank goodness, but they are so invasive that we at least have to try to keep some areas clear. With the chainsawing, and verbesina mowing and spraying, I would say at least 20,000 more albatross can nest here. It's nice to actually see some physical benefits from your work.

Look at Peggy's comment from yesterday about frost killing the verbesina. That would be nice. One year when I lived in Big Sky, Montana we had 7" of snow on the 4th of July. I didn't see any mosquitoes the rest of the summer. I don't hold out much hope for frost though since the lowest temp. ever here was in the 50's. Maybe a lot of liquid nitrogen would do the trick?

Since it's getting dark so early, I haven't had much time for pictures in the evenings. Here's a couple that I could take during twilight.

This is our library. The door across the way by the garbage can is our store.

This is one view of our books. People have just left them there over the years. We actually have a lot of them, but before we take them home we have to make sure the termites aren't reading them too. A lot of them are unreadable because of those little bugs.

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Peggy said...

Seems that furniture and books are just food for termites. How annoying!