Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wednesday Work

Today I got a lot of mowing in. Greg checked in front for ducks, tropic birds, shearwaters, and cement blocks, and I drove the mower. I'm guessing we made enough space for a couple thousand albatross nests.
Tonight was volleyball night, so that was fun as usual. Other than that, it's been an uneventful but nice day. I realized I haven't given any flower pictures for a while so here's some.
The aloe that my roommates planted in back of the house is blooming. I didn't think it would make it after it sat in a plastic bag for over a week in the sun, but it's doing great now.
The hibiscus in the front yard is blooming like usual. They are always blooming somewhere on the island in different colors.

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Anonymous said...

Those old roomates of yours sure were smart to plant that aloe anyways. : ) How are the other aloes/plants doing? Speaking of landscaping, how is the coconut tree, planted in the front, doing?