Monday, October 29, 2007

Back On

Our internet hasn't been off very long because the cargo plane that was bringing supplies for the satellite move can't come. We don't know when it will be rescheduled so they are leaving our phone and internet on most of the time, and only shutting down for short periods at a time to do some repairs.

The Laysan albatrosses are back now. I saw one in a yard down the street. They'll come and go for a week or two, then they'll all come and stay. There are a couple hundred black-footed albatrosses here now. It looks like they are ready to stay. Most of them are in the areas we just mowed, so we got it done just in time. We still have a few more places to mow, but we got the little mower stuck in a petrel hole again. I might just have to tow the mower around the fields with the backhoe for how much I'm getting it unstuck.

Here's the first Laysan albatross I've seen this season.

A black-footed albatross is landing.

A perfect landing, except where it crashed into the ground between shot #3 and #4.


Becky said...

The Laysan Albatross is so pretty!! Make sure you spray them with their daily dose of water since Angela and I aren't there!! =)

Peggy said...

lol - Albatross aren't graceful birds on land.