Sunday, October 21, 2007

Nice Weekend

Yesterday, Greg and I went over to Spit Island to pull some verbesina. It was a lot of work since we took every flower off the plants so they don't seed. Everyone thought that Spit Island was clear of the verbesina, but apparently not.
Last night we had a birthday party at the All Hands Club for the 9 people with October birthdays. Our physician assistant's wife got back from a couple months on the mainland and she's the organizer for all the parties we ever have, so it's nice to have her back. She also is organizing the movies in the theater, so that's what I did this evening. It was actually cool this evening. It's 73 degrees, but there's a cool wind.
It looks like the albatross are back. Today Barry counted 5 black-footed albatross around the island. I don't know if they'll stay yet because it's kind of early, we've still got a lot more mowing to get done before the rest of them show up.

Here's a view of the north beach of Spit Island. You can see the ironwood trees on Sand Island.

This is the other direction. You can see that Eastern Island isn't too far of a swim from Spit. That little dark spot on the lower right is a sleeping seal.

It's not easy trying to get through the naupaka and heliotrope trees. They are really thick over there.

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