Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Eastern Island

I did more mowing today out at bulky dump which is a lot more beautiful than it sounds. It'll probably take another day to finish. Early today was another cloudless day, so Jimmy and Michelle thought it would be a good day to go stay on Eastern Island and band ducks overnight. The ducks mostly run around at night and look for food, so that's when they like to catch them. It's been raining for the last hour, so I think they're probably getting wet over there.

There was a fuel tank over on the beach at Eastern that was buried from the Navy days and was starting to get uncovered by the weather. Today a few people went over with our backhoe on the old Navy landing craft to pick it up. That old landing craft is in poor condition and the transmission burned out just as they got it back here so they are lucky they didn't get stuck out on the water.

Here's some pictures of the view I get while mowing bulky dump. The beach is South Beach and is closed to people (except to get to the old pillbox there). There were a couple of seals there today.

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