Saturday, October 13, 2007

Mowing and Planting

We're taking advantage of there still not being any albatross here and mowing every chance we get. They'll be back in about 3 weeks so we should be able to open up quite a bit more area for them. Today I took some pictures of the same spot before and after mowing so you can see what's up.
After mowing Greg and I went and planted some of our native morning glory over by the cable houses. We hope that it will take over a big area and keep out some of the weeds. We had good timing since it started raining as soon as we finished.

This is an area we call bulky dump. If you look at the satellite image of the island, it's the little peninsula on the south side. We got about half of it mowed the last 2 weeks.

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Peggy said...

Great before and after photographs! I didn't realize the stuff was so TALL! I think you guys need help with that stuff. 2 people on the job just isn't cutting it. It seems to be like painting the Golden Gate Bridge.