Saturday, October 27, 2007

Lack of Communication

So tomorrow the internet and phones will be off. 6 days is the estimate but you'll know if it takes longer than that. I'll blog as soon as I can.
We're expecting a fuel barge tomorrow to fill our new tanks, so I hope that goes alright. The tanks are brand new, but should be ready.
The clutch in our tractor went out yesterday from all the stop and go driving, so we got a smaller mower. I got it stuck because one of the wheels caved in a petrel burrow (they are out feeding during the day and not in their holes). I had to go get the backhoe and pull it out. Our mowing will be a lot slower now, but the albatross are just waiting to get into those verbesina areas. I'm sure there will be lots of news when I'm able to post again. Have a good week!

A white tern is resting on a piece of concrete at bulky dump.


Peggy said...

I hope nothing bad happens during your communication black out. In the meantime,take lots of photos of seals with their favourite logs, dolphins and terns and keep whacking away at that God-forsaken verbesina and iron wood trees.

Pete Leary said...

Thanks Peggy, I'll have some good photos next week.