Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Unexpected Plane Day

We had a plane today which I didn't know was coming. It was chartered to bring a fuel hose here to unload the fuel we're getting soon from a barge. The barge and tug people refused to bring it, so a plane was the only way to get it here. That worked out for me though since I got two packages.

We mowed some more today. There was only one albatross that was in our mowing area, and it wandered about 20 yards away when the tractor came by.

I won't be able to blog starting this weekend for a few days since we are moving the satellite dish that has our internet and phone service. I believe that will be starting Saturday and going about 6 days (we hope). I'll let you know when I find out the details.

I took a picture of the plane taking off, since I was mowing near the runway.

These two are pictures from Spit Island on Saturday. This is an adult red-footed booby.

This one's a juvenile red-footed booby. They like heliotrope bushes.


Kristin said...

Boy, Pete, you really make me miss Midway!! Ben and now Wendy keep me fairly up-to-date on the happenings, but you post a lot of things other people don't say. First time I've looked at your website. I can't believe the albatross are back - seems like they just left! I didn't realize any were still there when I left, but you apparently saw one a week later. Ben's trying to convince me to come out in November - in a few weeks. We'll see . . . When do you leave again? Have fun with no communications for a week or two!! My life will be quiet without Ben or Wendy calling or e-mailing! - Kristin

Becky said...

Hey Pete!

Wendy sent the Mitsubishi volunteers a link to your blog so we could view the turtle next. I forgot how much I missed the island until I started reading and viewing all of your pictures!

That's great you guys are rebuilding the mini golf course! Bowling and mini golf on a tiny island in the Pacific...could one ask for anything more?!

Hope all is well and tell everyone hello...we miss you guys!


Pete Leary said...

Hey Kristin and Becky, it's good to hear from you. That turtle nest was pretty cool right? And that albatross I saw didn't make it even to the harbor before it died. I guess Miller saw one even after that. They are back earlier than usual. I'm leaving Dec 7th. I'm glad you two like my blog.